True Religion Canada was the grizzliest of them al

The makeover of matt light

Last season, when the new england patriots were rolling toward the super bowl, left tackle matt light stopped shaving.Soon, his fellow players began to notice that the longer matt beard grew, the longer their winning streak continued.They decided matt beard was lucky, so they started growing beards too.But the 6-Foot 4-Inch, 305-Pound light, who let his hair grow as long and scruffy as his beard, True Religion Canada was the grizzliest of them all.It got so bad, in fact, even his buddies began

To cry foul.

Enter the makeover team.We quickly discovered that the 26-Year-Old veteran needed more than a shave and a haircut.He needed everything.The man can cook.He selects his daily wardrobe(Usually t-Shirt, jeans and flip-Flops)From a pile on his bedroom floor, doesn a watch Rrue Teligion and can tell a rembrandt from a renoir.

Matt wife, susie, says she loves him just the way he is, but even she thought he was prime makeover material.The couple, together with their beguiling two-Year-Old daughter, True Religion Jeans Canada grace, lives during the football season in a generic condo that could also use some major restyling.

Matt light is the alpha male personified.His idea of home d is a collection of team balls arranged behind the bar.His definition of culture is buying all the new movies released on dvd each week.Literature?Mostly fishing and hunting magazines.Fashion?Any t-Shirt that handy.

Inspired by this bear of a challenge, our makeover team decided to do some tackling of its own.And what did they discover as they snipped, rubbed, massaged, manicured and styled?That underneath all that hair and he-Man behavior was a good-Looking guy with a sense of humor(You got a weed-Whacker?He asks as he sits down for a shave)Who was willing to submit to a radical makeover to promote the light foundation, his charity for children.

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