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The headgear that oozes coolness

Who can go wrong with a hat that was sported by frank sinatra and sean connery as james bond?The epitome of sexy confidence and coolness personified, these two men are fashion icons that have continued to influence style long after the zenith of their popularity.Trilby hats were at their most popular in the 1960's, but they have blasted forward since the turn of this century as vintage looks and mixed modern style resurges as a trend.A trilby hat is like a fedora but with a very small brim that turns up in the back and creases slightly in the front.

The london production of the play adaptation of george du maurier's novel trilby(1894)Featured a hat like this in the costuming.The hat quickly became known as a trilby hat, and the name stuck.Since then, they have been featured in plays, movies, and television as a sign of how suave a character is.The modern american television hit white collar's main character neil often wear trilby hats and is characterised as highly fashionable and individualistic.The distinctive hat is also associated with jazz, soul music, indie rock, and emo being worn by many musicians buy these jeans here from true religion. in these genres and in movies depicting these musicians.

Trilby hats replaced fedoras as the most popular hats in the sixties because cars were getting smaller and the larger brimmed hats were impractical.Hat wearing became almost obsolete during the seventies and beyond, but with the turn of the current century, vintage styling, and hats in particular, have come back into vogue.The trilby hat presents an iconic look with definite character inferences.Someone donning a trilby is more likely to be perceived as sexy, confident, suave, stylish, and quirky.In this new fashion culture, they have been adopted by both men and women, though they are still mostly worn by men.

The typical materials used to make trilby hats are wool, twill, and straw.They were originally made from rabbit hair felt.In certain regions, the name trilby hat is applied to the fedora which is similar but has a wider brim.They can be manufactured in many colours, but the most popular are black, grey, brown, and a cream straw hue.They are adorned with a band.Some have a decorative pin, buckle, or feather in the band.There are even manufacturers printing graphic designs on the sides of them now, a practice normally reserved for baseball caps.

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